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Common Q&A

Many mineral owners have questions about their mineral rights.   Our Common Q&A page will help answer some of the most common questions related to mineral rights.

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Find out why mineral owners across the country pick US Mineral Exchange to help them sell mineral rights.

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Do you have questions about your mineral rights or royalties?  If so, contact US Mineral Exchange and we’ll help explain everything you need to know about mineral rights.

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If you need to sell mineral rights you’re in the right place. We help mineral owners all over the United States sell mineral rights for the highest possible value. We accomplish this by getting your property in front of a large network of buyers who compete to pay you fair market value. If you want to sell mineral rights for the highest possible price, you can rely on the expert team at US Mineral Exchange to help you locate the right buyer for your property.

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Are you currently receiving oil and gas royalties checks each month? If you are considering selling royalties, US Mineral Exchange can help you get multiple competing offers quickly. Many times a royalty owner will receive 5+ offers shortly after listing at US Mineral Exchange. This allows you to see what the market is willing to pay for your royalties and ensures you get a fair price.

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One of the most common questions we receive from mineral owners is about the value of mineral rights. The value of mineral rights is determined by a number of different factors. We can help you understand all the factors that affect mineral rights value. Before you make any decision to sell mineral rights, it’s important to have a basic understand of the value.

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