Cost to List Mineral Rights for Sale

One of the most common questions we get is about the cost to list mineral rights for sale.  Many mineral owners are concerned about listing because they are afraid of hidden fees and costs.   We hate hidden fees as much as you do.

Our goal at US Mineral Exchange is complete transparency!

It is 100% free to list your property.   If you sell your property through US Mineral Exchange, the buyer will pay our commission at closing.  Most mineral owners have an offer in hand.  If we can’t find you a better price than your existing offer you owe us nothing!

When you list your property at US Mineral Exchange, it’s truly a risk free way to see what buyers are willing to pay for your mineral rights.

No Fee to List Mineral Rights for Sale

Whether you choose a standard listing or auction listing at US Mineral Exchange, posting your mineral rights is 100% free.  We only make money if we are successful in selling your mineral rights.

Success Based Commission

When you sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange, the mineral buyer will pay our 6% commission at closing.  There is no out of pocket cost to sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange.

Our commission structure is set up to work just like a real estate agent.   Our interests are aligned with yours.  The goal is to get you the highest sales price possible.   The more money you make the more money we make!  This means we don’t give priority to any mineral buyer.  We want to locate the mineral buyer who will pay the highest price for your minerals.

With a standard listing, we will discuss a listing price and then add our 6% commission on top.  This allows mineral buyers to see the “all in” number on listings.   If we don’t find you an acceptable offer, net of our commission, you don’t pay us a dime.

With an auction listing, we set up the listing based on your existing offer that you are ready to accept.  If you have an acceptable offer in hand, you can run a mineral rights auction in just 7 to 14 days.  We’ll start the bidding at your current best written offer + our 6% commission.  When we receive bids on the mineral rights auction you make more money.  If we don’t get any bids, this indicates that your current offer in hand was in fact the highest market price available.  If we don’t get any bids, which is extremely rare, you don’t owe us anything at all.

When you sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange our commission cannot cause you to get less than your written offer.

US Mineral Exchange works on a success based fee.  The bottom line is that we don’t get paid unless you find a price you are happy with.


When you list your property at US Mineral Exchange we require you to list your mineral rights with us exclusively.

Listing exclusively tells buyers that you are serious about selling.  Mineral rights buyers prefer US Mineral Exchange because they know they can come to us to find mineral owners who are serious about selling.  Mineral buyers also know that they won’t find the deal anywhere else.  The exclusivity we require leads to better pricing for mineral owners.

Other mineral listing services post junk listings that don’t require exclusivity.   Our focus at US Mineral Exchange is on quality, and exclusivity is a part of that.  Mineral buyers don’t waste time checking the junk listing services.  They come to US Mineral Exchange because they know they will find exclusive listings.  Our reputation and the quality of our listings leads to better offers for mineral owners.

If you have an existing offer, we don’t get paid unless we can find you a higher price even though we require exclusivity.  If we can’t find you a higher offer, you can take your original offer and owe us nothing.

Brokers vs Doing it Yourself

When you consider selling mineral rights on your own vs selling with a broker, you may be looking at the commission as one of the reasons.  On the surface, it would seem like using a mineral broker means you make less money.  The reality is that you will make more money listing at US Mineral Exchange.

Consider the following examples:

Example 1: For Sale by Owner

Let’s say that you get an offer to sell mineral rights right for $2,500/acre.  You search around online and find some other mineral buyers.  You end up getting another offer at $3,000/acre.  After some negotiations, you get that buyer up to $3,500/acre.

A lot of mineral owners assume they just saved some money by finding a mineral buyer on their own.  They sell at $3,500/acre and assume they got a good deal.  What these mineral owners don’t realize is that they talked to a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of the thousands of mineral buyers out there.  Offers from mineral buyers can fluctuate dramatically.

It’s not uncommon for buyers to make offers that are 10%, 20%, or even 30% different than other buyers.  Unless you get lucky and find the single buyer (out of thousands) who can pay the highest price, you are selling below market value.

Mineral owners lose out on thousands of dollars convincing themselves that they found the 1 in a 10,000 buyer who will pay the highest price after talking with a handful of buyers.

Every mineral buyer evaluates the the market value differently.  Locating that single mineral buyer on your own who will pay the best price is nearly impossible.

Example 2: Mineral Flippers

For every mineral buyer out there, there are 10x more mineral flippers.  A mineral flipper will convince you to sell at $3,000/acre and then turn around and sell at $4,000/acre.  Guess what?  You just paid 33% commission by not listing at US Mineral Exchange.

Here’s how it generally works:

Mineral Rights Flipper

Mineral rights get flipped all the time.  At US Mineral Exchange we sometimes talk with mineral owners who want to sell.  They decide to sell on their own.

A few months later, a buyer will list that persons mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange.  The buyer knows they can find a higher price listing it with us after they buy it from you.

Let that sink in for a minute.  Mineral owners sell to mineral buyers who then list the mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange to sell for a higher price.

Mineral owners are convinced they can find the $4,000/acre offer.  In reality, it’s nearly impossible to find it on your own.

Example 3:  Listing at US Mineral Exchange

If the two examples above don’t convince you to list at US Mineral Exchange, consider just one thing:

When you list at US Mineral Exchange, we allow you to bring us your best offer in writing.  If we can’t beat that offer, we don’t get paid.  Listing at US Mineral Exchange is a risk free way to ensure the offer you have in hand is truly the best price available.

When you list, you either walk away with more money or you can feel 100% confident you got the best price.  You cannot walk away with less money than your existing offer due to our commission.

Hidden Fees

Concerned about hidden fees?  So are we!  At US Mineral Exchange there are no hidden fees.

Contact US Mineral Exchange:

If you have questions about your mineral rights, we’re here to help!  We speak with mineral owners every day and we look forward to hearing from you.  Please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below with any questions and our friendly team will respond quickly.

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Common Questions

The more information you can provide about your property the better!  We can give you a better idea about the value of selling mineral rights if you provide more information.  The most important thing we need is for you to answer the questions and provide your state and county.

If you have the required documents to list, providing those is extremely helpful!

Absolutely not!  When you inquire at US Mineral Exchange we will not be putting any pressure on you to sell.  We will help answer any questions you have whether you are interested in selling or not.

We typically respond to inquiries in less than 12 hours and usually within hours of submitting the contact form. At US Mineral Exchange our goal is to be available to mineral owners as a resource so we pride ourselves on quickly replying and communicating with mineral owners.

At US Mineral Exchange, we take privacy very seriously. We will NEVER sell your information or use it without your consent. When you send us documentation or tell us about your property, that information does not go outside our company without your consent. Even when you list a property for sale on our website, we strictly control who has access to the information about your listing so that only legitimate buyers will be able to see property details.

Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting an offer and quickly selling.   They then accept an offer far below market value because they felt pressure to sell.   There is nearly always a better price available.

We have two types of listings available to help you sell mineral rights for the best price:

Auction Listing – Our auction listings are for just 7 to 14 days.  If you have an offer in hand you are seriously considering, an auction listing is a quick way to get a better offer and ensure a smooth closing process.  Learn more about our auction listings.

Standard Listing – Our standard listings run for 30 days.  These listings are ideal if you don’t have an offer in hand or you are not in a rush to sell.  Learn more about our standard listings.

The reason that so many mineral owners decide to sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange is access to our large network of mineral rights buyers. Our goal is to help you get top dollar for selling mineral rights by getting your property in front of a huge audience of buyers. This allows buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get fair market value for selling mineral rights.

There are absolutely no cost to list your property.  When you locate a buyer by listing your property with us, we are paid a commission directly by the buyers closing agent. This means you never have any out of pocket expenses ever.  We only get paid if we can get you a better price than the current offer you have in hand.


Download our free mineral rights guide now!  Learn more about your mineral rights.


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Linda Baldwin
15:04 17 Jul 20
Selling oil and mineral rights is not a common practice, or at least not for us. We went from "how on earth will we do this and do it right" to a very successful sale in record time. I am so happy that we found US Mineral Exchange. From the first phone call they were professional, answered all of my questions, and walked me through every step of the process with calm professionalism, and brought a price exceeding our expectations. From a seller's perspective, it could not have gone better! I wholeheartedly recommend US Mineral Exchange and gladly serve as a more
Beau Bostick
19:07 15 Jul 20
Great company just be careful who you sell to Iron Horse royalty out of Austin Texas and Garrett Merket very dishonest company. But after learning he was connected with a politician . I am not surprised
Bryan Austin
18:13 13 Jul 20
Terra was amazing in assisting me in selling my late fathers royalties. She answered all of my questions and made the process smooth as butter! Thank you!
Nicole Garcia
20:48 12 Jun 20
I contacted US Mineral Exchange in hopes to sell my families old mineral rights. Though the claims were too small for their business to sell they had great information for me and my situation. Highly recommend this company!
David Johnsen
18:06 08 May 20