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When US Mineral Exchange was founded in 2012, our goal was simple.  We wanted to provide mineral owners with the resources they needed to make smart decisions about their mineral rights.   In addition, we wanted to provide mineral owners with a platform where they could sell mineral rights for the highest possible value.   We’re happy you are interested in learning more about US Mineral Exchange and how our services are custom tailored to fit your needs.

About US Mineral Exchange

After spending years in the oil and gas industry, we noticed a disturbing trend of mineral owners being taken advantage of.   Few mineral owners have the tools and information necessary to successfully sell their mineral rights for the highest market value.   We found that numerous mineral owners were being taken advantage of by mineral buyers who would offer them far below market value and make a huge profit.  We knew there had to be a better way.

We launched US Mineral Exchange to help even the playing field between mineral owners and the industry professionals.  We do this in two ways:

Information – At US Mineral Exchange, we speak with mineral owners every day about their mineral rights.   Whether it’s questions about mineral rights value, an offer you received, or how to calculate how many acres you own, we believe that mineral owners deserve to be informed about their mineral rights so they can make wise decisions.   Our blog was set up to help mineral owners understand their mineral rights and fully understand all the different types of mineral rights ownership.

Listing Platform:  One of the key problems mineral owners face is ensuring they get maximum value when they sell mineral rights.  For years, mineral owners had to rely on a local broker to help them determine what a fair price was.   With limited options and very little information, mineral owners were selling mineral rights far below market value.    We created a custom built listing platform that allows mineral owners to get their property in front of a huge network of mineral rights buyers.  This allows mineral owners to get the full picture of what their mineral rights are worth because they can evaluate offers from mineral rights buyers all over the country.

Our Team

At US Mineral Exchange, our team is focused completely on mineral owners.   We are intensely focused on providing the best possible service by helping mineral owners receive maximum value when they sell mineral rights.  Each team member is dedicated to protecting a mineral owners best interests at all times.  We firmly believe in the “old school” way of doing business where people are honest and follow through with what they say.

Why US Mineral Exchange?

When you search for information about selling mineral rights, you’ll find hundreds of websites offering to buy your property.  Why should you work with US Mineral Exchange?  It’s simple.

We are the only company 100% dedicated to protecting your best interests.

You’ll find more information on our website about mineral rights ownership than nearly anywhere else.  Why?  Our goal is to help you learn as much as you can about your mineral rights so that you can make informed decisions.

When you combine our passion for helping mineral owners, our focus on providing helpful information, and our dedication to ensuring mineral owners get the highest possible value for selling mineral rights, you can feel confident that you are working with the right team when you partner with US Mineral Exchange.

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Common Questions

The more information you can provide about your property the better!  We can give you a better idea about the value of selling mineral rights if you provide more information.  The most important thing we need is for you to answer the questions and provide your state and county.

If you have the <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/required-documents-to-list-mineral-rights/”>required documents to list</a>, providing those is extremely helpful!

Absolutely not!  When you inquire at US Mineral Exchange we will not be putting any pressure on you to sell.  We will help answer any questions you have whether you are interested in selling or not.

We typically respond to inquiries in less than 12 hours and usually within hours of submitting the contact form. At US Mineral Exchange our goal is to be available to mineral owners as a resource so we pride ourselves on quickly replying and communicating with mineral owners.

At US Mineral Exchange, we take privacy very seriously. We will NEVER sell your information or use it without your consent. When you send us documentation or tell us about your property, that information does not go outside our company without your consent. Even when you list a property for sale on our website, we strictly control who has access to the information about your listing so that only legitimate buyers will be able to see property details.

Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting an offer and quickly selling.   They then accept an offer far below <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/mineral-rights-value/market-value-for-mineral-rights/”>market value</a> because they felt pressure to sell.   There is <strong>nearly always</strong> a better price available.

We have two types of listings available to help you sell mineral rights for the best price:

<strong>Auction Listing</strong> – Our auction listings are for just 7 to 14 days.  If you have an offer in hand you are seriously considering, an auction listing is a quick way to get a better offer and ensure a smooth closing process.  <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/auction-mineral-rights/auction-mineral-rights-at-us-mineral-exchange/”>Learn more about our auction listings</a>.

<strong>Standard Listing – </strong> Our standard listings run for 30 days.  These listings are ideal if you don’t have an offer in hand or you are not in a rush to sell.  <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/list-mineral-rights-for-sale/”>Learn more about our standard listings</a>.

The reason that so many mineral owners decide to sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange is access to our large network of mineral rights buyers. Our goal is to help you get top dollar for selling mineral rights by getting your property in front of a huge audience of buyers. This allows buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get fair market value for selling mineral rights.

There are absolutely no <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/cost-to-list-mineral-rights-for-sale/”>cost to list</a> your property.  When you locate a buyer by listing your property with us, we are paid a commission directly by the buyers closing agent. This means you never have any out of pocket expenses <strong>ever.  </strong>We only get paid if we can get you a better price than the current offer you have in hand.