How to Sell Mineral Rights

//How to Sell Mineral Rights

How to Sell Mineral Rights

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How to Sell Mineral Rights

Do you want to know how to Sell Mineral Rights?  We can help guide you through the process of selling mineral rights from start to finish.   At US Mineral Exchange we are focused on helping mineral owners sell mineral rights for maximum value.    If you’ve been looking for the definitive guide to help you sell mineral rights, this is it!

Maximize Value when you Sell Mineral Rights

If you want to truly maximize the value of your mineral rights, you need to get your property in front of a large network of buyers.   The reason is that every buyer evaluates mineral rights differently.  One mineral rights buyer may be willing to pay $5,000/acre and another might be willing to pay $7,500/acre.   As a mineral owner, you will benefit the most by getting your property in front of a large network of buyers so you can locate the buyer willing to pay the highest market value.

When buyers know there is competition for a property they will come in with a much stronger offer.  In addition, this allows you to see what multiple buyers are willing to pay so you can select the best possible offer.   The key to getting maximum value is allowing the market to tell you what the highest possible price you can get is and then selecting that offer.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Over the years we have seen a number of mistakes mineral owners make when trying to figure out how to sell mineral rights.   When you sell mineral rights, avoid these common mistakes:

  • 1st Offer:  The most common mistake we see mineral owners make is accepting the first offer they receive.  Many mineral owners incorrectly believe that if they don’t accept this offer they will lose out.   These offers sometimes come with a 24 hour to 48 hour window to agree creating a sense of urgency.    Don’t fall for this one.   Figuring out how to sell mineral rights is not an overnight process and you should carefully consider all of your options.
  • Flippers:  Another common mistake we see are mineral owners who sign option agreements to sell mineral rights.  These option agreements typically have a long time frame (60 to 90 days in most cases).  This gives the company who got you to agree a chance to go find an actual buyer who will pay a lot more.   They may get you to agree to sell for $5,000/acre and then go find a real buyer who will purchase it for $7,500/acre.  They make a huge profit on money that should have gone in your pocket!
  • Selling Quickly:  Selling mineral rights is similar to selling a home.  It’s not an instant process like selling a stock or trading in your car.   When you list mineral rights it takes time to get your property in front of the right people and give them enough time to evaluate it.  If you sell mineral rights too quickly you are likely leaving money on the table because you didn’t give the market enough time to tell you what your property is worth.
  • Documentation:  When you sell a home, you want to market all of the best features of the property.   With mineral rights, providing documentation is key to getting buyers interested.  Buyers want to see all the documentation they can related to your mineral rights.  The more documentation you can provide the better your chances of securing a top offer.

How to Sell Mineral Rights

When trying to determine how to sell mineral rights, you have two options available:

1. Find a buyer on your own using the shotgun approach
2. Work with an industry expert

There are a number of reasons why it’s risky to sell mineral rights on your own:

  • Your Time:  You could spend hours just locating a few buyers and submitting your information. 
  • Exposure:  Even after spending hours finding buyers you will have only scratched the surface.  There are literally thousands of buyers out there and it’s impossible to reach each one individually.
  • Flippers:  You’ll have to navigate around flippers who will try to quickly get you to sign something and then make a huge profit when they find a buyer.
  • Shady Buyers:  Not all buyers are created equal.  Some buyers will take advantage of a mineral owners lack of experience with mineral rights.
  • Negotiation:  Unless you are extremely familiar with mineral rights, negotiating the best possible deal will be difficult.
  • Final Sale:  At the end of the day, you’ll have no idea if you got maximum value for your property.  Were other buyers out there who would have paid more?  Very often the answer is yes! 

There are many reasons to work with an industry expert:

  • Save Time:  You won’t need to search for buyers.  You can provide your information once and then get exposure to a huge network of buyers.
  • Maximize Value:  Your property will get instant exposure to a huge network of buyers.  These buyers will compete against one another driving up the price and maximizing mineral rights value.
  • Quality Buyers:  There’s no need to worry about flippers and shady buyers.  You’ll be working with industry experts who know the market.
  • Tough Negotiators:  By working with industry experts you gain the upper hand in negotiations.  Mineral buyers recognize they are competing against others and respond accordingly.
  • Final Sale:  When you close the sale of your property, you’ll have full confidence knowing that someone was standing beside you looking out for your best interests while helping you maximize value. 

When you decide to sell mineral rights on your own, you are taking a big risk.   You have to navigate through the process of finding a buyer who won’t take advantage of you and will pay you a fair price.   Working with an expert who specializes in how to sell mineral rights is critical for mineral owners to protect their interests and maximize value.

Sell Mineral Rights at US Mineral Exchange

When mineral owners are trying to determine how to sell mineral rights, they turn to US Mineral Exchange because we are the industry leader for individual mineral owners.   By working with US Mineral Exchange you are partnering with an industry expert who is 100% dedicated to protecting your bests interests.    In addition, we have built a huge network of mineral rights buyers who will instantly see your property for sale when you list mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange.

We will stand beside you each step of the way by answering your questions, negotiating the best possible deal, and helping you maximize value.   We are fully invested in helping mineral owners and we look forward to working with you.

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Common Questions

The more information you can provide about your property the better! We can give you a better idea about the value of selling mineral rights if you provide more information. The most important thing we need to know is the state, county, and net mineral acres owned. Any additional documentation you can provide is extremely helpful!
If you are just looking for information and do not want to sell mineral rights, fill out the form anyway! We’re here to help answer your questions. If you just want to better understand your mineral rights, we’re happy to help. We get inquiries every day from mineral owners with questions about the value of their mineral rights. We just hope you’ll remember us when you do decide to sell mineral rights!
Absolutely not! When you submit an inquiry form with information about your mineral rights, you are not obligated to anything. If you do end up deciding to sell mineral rights, you will never be obligated to accept any offers you receive! When you list mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange, you have the ability to see what the market is willing to pay for your property and then decide if you would like to sell with zero obligation.
We typically respond to inquiries in less than 12 hours and usually within hours of submitting the contact form. At US Mineral Exchange our goal is to be available to mineral owners as a resource so we pride ourselves on quickly replying and communicating with mineral owners.
At US Mineral Exchange, we take privacy very seriously. We will NEVER sell your information or use it without your consent. When you send us documentation or tell us about your property, that information does not go outside our company without your consent. Even when you list a property for sale on our website, we strictly control who has access to the information about your listing so that only legitimate buyers will be able to see property details.
Our goal at US Mineral Exchange is simple. We help mineral owners connect with a large network of mineral rights buyers who compete to pay you the highest possible price. What does this mean for you? When you list at US Mineral Exchange, you have the best chance of getting the highest possible offer.

Many mineral owners make the mistake of finding a couple buyers and requesting a quote. They then accept an offer far below market value because the buyers they found weren’t the ones willing to pay the highest price. When you list at US Mineral Exchange, it allows all the buyers to come to you which means more cash in your pocket. We frequently speak with mineral owners who have an offer in hand but want to know if it’s fair. After listing at US Mineral Exchange, they get a higher offer than the one they had almost every time.

The reason that so many mineral owners decide to sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange is access to our large network of mineral rights buyers. Our goal is to help you get top dollar for selling mineral rights by getting your property in front of a huge audience of buyers. This allows buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get fair market value for selling mineral rights.
There are absolutely no costs to list your property. We operate using a success-based fee. Meaning that if we cannot get your property sold, you owe us absolutely nothing. All offers we present to you are net of our commission. If you accept an offer presented, the buyer or the buyers closing agent pays us our commission directly at closing. You never have any out of pocket expenses – EVER.