10 Tips Every Mineral Owner Should Know

As a mineral owner, figuring how to sell mineral rights for maximum value can be difficult.   Our goal at US Mineral Exchange is to inform mineral owners.  Here are 10 tips you should keep in mind when trying to selling mineral rights for maximum value.

1.  Documentation: If you want to sell mineral rights for maximum value documentation is key.  You need to be able to show mineral rights buyers proof of ownership.   Having your last 3 months of royalty check detail, lease agreement, order for payment, any recent division orders (last 3 months), and other documentation you have proving your ownership is extremely important.   Providing this information up front is what allows US Mineral Exchange to get you the highest value for your property.

Please see our required documents to list page for more information.

2.  Avoid Common Mistakes:  Many mineral owners fall into the same traps.  We can help you avoid these common mineral owner mistakes when you sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange.  Our expert team will be with you each step of the way to help you avoid making the wrong decision.  The most common mistake we see is mineral owners who take the shotgun approach to selling mineral rights.

3.  Understand Value:  Before you sell mineral rights make sure you know the basics about mineral rights value.  We have a number of articles that cover mineral rights value.  In addition, you can reach out and ask for a free consultation if you need more information about the value of your property.

4.  Market Value: When mineral owners list their property for sale, they usually have a number in mind they wish to sell mineral rights for.   It’s important as a mineral owner that you are able to adjust your expectations to the reality of the market.   Mineral rights value is determined by what a buyer is willing and able to pay today for your property.    We cover the market value of mineral rights so that you can get familiar with how value is determined.

5.  Sell Half?:  If you’re in a position where you need to sell, keep in mind that selling half is an option.  You don’t have to sell 100% of your mineral rights.  You can decide to sell any portion of your mineral rights you choose.   If selling half of your mineral rights would help you meet a financial need there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

6.  Don’t take the First Offer:   This should be probably be number one on our list!  When you get an offer to sell mineral rights, don’t accept the first one.  It’s highly unlikely that the first offer is the best offer.   When you list mineral rights for sale at US Mineral Exchange you can evaluate multiple offers from buyers all over the country.   The key to getting maximum value when you sell mineral rights is to get your property in front of a large number of buyers.  If you have an offer in hand, we offer mineral rights auctions that take just 7 to 14 days to get you a better offer!

7.  Unsolicited Offer to Sell Mineral Rights: If you got an offer to sell mineral rights in the mail, this offer is extremely likely to be far below market value.   These offers make it easy for you to quickly accept by signing the enclosed form.   Mineral owners sell below market value all the time because the process is so easy!  Don’t fall into this trap!  Another issue with these types of offer as that they are often bait and switch.  They will sometimes send you an extremely high offer so you will pick up the phone.  Once you contact them they will adjust their offer far below what the letter said.

8.  Seek Professional Advice:   Many mineral owners make the mistake of trying to sell mineral rights on their own.   There are literally thousands of companies who purchase mineral rights.  Many have a small online presence or none at all.  To get maximum value you need to work with professionals who can get your property in front of the entire market.   When you list your property at US Mineral Exchange you’ll gain exposure to a huge network of qualified mineral buyers.  Don’t get burned by taking the shotgun approach.  Selling mineral rights to a good property is easy.  The hard part is getting the best price.

9.  Option Agreements:  If you are presented with an option agreement, this is a huge red flag.  Legitimate buyers rarely use option agreements to purchase mineral rights.   Anyone who tries to convince you to sign an option agreement is likely trying to flip the property to a real buyer for significant financial gain.

10.  Ask for Help:  If you have questions about your mineral rights, seek expert advice.  At US Mineral Exchange we hear from mineral owners every day.   Simply fill out our free consultation form and one of our friendly staff will be in touch within hours to help answer your questions.

We provide these 10 tips every mineral owner should know to help you better understand your mineral rights.   At US Mineral Exchange we are solely focused on helping mineral owners get the maximum value for their property.  Learn more about US Mineral Exchange and see why we’re the #1 trusted company to sell mineral rights.

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Common Questions

The more information you can provide about your property the better!  We can give you a better idea about the value of selling mineral rights if you provide more information.  The most important thing we need is for you to answer the questions and provide your state and county.

If you have the <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/required-documents-to-list-mineral-rights/”>required documents to list</a>, providing those is extremely helpful!

Absolutely not!  When you inquire at US Mineral Exchange we will not be putting any pressure on you to sell.  We will help answer any questions you have whether you are interested in selling or not.

We typically respond to inquiries in less than 12 hours and usually within hours of submitting the contact form. At US Mineral Exchange our goal is to be available to mineral owners as a resource so we pride ourselves on quickly replying and communicating with mineral owners.

At US Mineral Exchange, we take privacy very seriously. We will NEVER sell your information or use it without your consent. When you send us documentation or tell us about your property, that information does not go outside our company without your consent. Even when you list a property for sale on our website, we strictly control who has access to the information about your listing so that only legitimate buyers will be able to see property details.

Many mineral owners make the mistake of getting an offer and quickly selling.   They then accept an offer far below <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/mineral-rights-value/market-value-for-mineral-rights/”>market value</a> because they felt pressure to sell.   There is <strong>nearly always</strong> a better price available.

We have two types of listings available to help you sell mineral rights for the best price:

<strong>Auction Listing</strong> – Our auction listings are for just 7 to 14 days.  If you have an offer in hand you are seriously considering, an auction listing is a quick way to get a better offer and ensure a smooth closing process.  <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/auction-mineral-rights/auction-mineral-rights-at-us-mineral-exchange/”>Learn more about our auction listings</a>.

<strong>Standard Listing – </strong> Our standard listings run for 30 days.  These listings are ideal if you don’t have an offer in hand or you are not in a rush to sell.  <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/list-mineral-rights-for-sale/”>Learn more about our standard listings</a>.

The reason that so many mineral owners decide to sell mineral rights at US Mineral Exchange is access to our large network of mineral rights buyers. Our goal is to help you get top dollar for selling mineral rights by getting your property in front of a huge audience of buyers. This allows buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get fair market value for selling mineral rights.

There are absolutely no <a href=”https://www.usmineralexchange.com/blog/sell-mineral-rights/cost-to-list-mineral-rights-for-sale/”>cost to list</a> your property.  When you locate a buyer by listing your property with us, we are paid a commission directly by the buyers closing agent. This means you never have any out of pocket expenses <strong>ever.  </strong>We only get paid if we can get you a better price than the current offer you have in hand.